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February 17, 2023

Home & Furniture Shopping Trends

Post covid scenario and the factors driving sales in home and furniture industry

As we have been dedicating more time to staying within our homes, there has been a growing inclination to pursue enhancements and modifications that can bring about a greater sense of comfort in our lives. Consequently, there has been a surge in the demand for home and furniture shopping. With the reopening of stores, we have utilized this opportunity to gather insights from individuals engaged in home and furniture shopping. We have sought to understand their sentiments, future plans, expectations regarding the shopping experience, and their preferred methods of making purchases moving forward.

Although online shopping offers convenience and a sense of safety, it is evident that a significant majority of home and furniture shoppers (56%) place a strong emphasis on the guidance provided by experienced store associates. They rely on these knowledgeable professionals to assist them throughout the purchasing journey.

A notable portion of home and furniture shoppers (37%) are actively seeking an optimal blend of virtual consultations to aid them in making informed decisions. They express a desire for virtual guidance and assistance during the selection process. However, their preferred method of completing the purchase involves scheduling an appointment to visit the physical store. This combination allows them to leverage the advantages of both virtual and in-store experiences.

Approximately 38% of home and furniture shoppers expressed a strong preference for remote payment options. They desire the convenience of paying remotely, either as part of the consultation process or through links provided to them after the interaction. This feature enables them to complete their transactions seamlessly without the need for in-person payment procedures.

Among the various areas of expertise, the top four that are considered most valuable by home and furniture shoppers include:

1. Guidance on manufacturing and delivery timelines: Shoppers appreciate receiving advice regarding the manufacturing process and estimated delivery times for their purchases.
2. Assistance with after-care and addressing follow-up queries: Having access to knowledgeable store associates who can provide information on after-care instructions and promptly answer any post-purchase questions is highly valued.
3. In-depth knowledge of the entire product range, including color options, size variations, and availability: Shoppers find it beneficial when store associates possess comprehensive knowledge about the complete range of products, enabling them to make well-informed choices based on their preferences.
4. Offering suitable alternatives when needed: Shoppers appreciate it when store associates can suggest appropriate alternatives if the desired item is unavailable or does not meet their specific requirements.

When asked about their suggestions for improving their shopping experience, home and furniture shoppers provided the following feedback:

Regarding the shopping process:

● They expressed a desire to have the ability to schedule appointments to view products with a sales associate. This would offer a more personalized and guided experience.

Regarding store associates:

● Shoppers emphasised the importance of having a sufficient number of knowledgeable staff available to address their questions and concerns. They value well-trained store associates who can provide accurate advice and guidance.

● They also highlighted the significance of receiving great advice from store associates on any inquiries they may have.

Regarding a personalised experience:

● Shoppers expressed a desire for a wider variety of options that cater to their specific needs and preferences. They seek more extensive knowledge that is tailored to their individual requirements and the needs of their homes.

● Some shoppers expressed their wish to have a dedicated point of contact, a single person who can guide them throughout their entire project. They desire assistance in understanding how a particular item, such as a corner sofa, will fit into their space and address other related aspects.

By incorporating these suggestions, home and furniture retailers can enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers.

These key takeaways from the feedback provided by the respondents can help shape the future of retail for home and furnishing:

1. Personalized Appointments: Offering the option for customers to book appointments with sales associates can enhance the shopping experience, providing a more tailored and guided approach.

2. Knowledgeable Staff: Having well-trained and knowledgeable staff available to answer customer questions is crucial. Customers value receiving accurate advice and guidance from experts in the store.

3. Comprehensive Advice: Providing comprehensive advice and guidance to customers can greatly enhance their shopping experience. Respondents highlighted the importance of receiving great advice on any questions or inquiries they may have.

4. Customized Options: Offering a wider variety of options that cater to individual needs and preferences is important to customers. Tailoring the product range and knowledge to suit the customers' specific requirements can lead to greater satisfaction.

5. Dedicated Support: Providing a dedicated point of contact throughout the customer's project or purchase journey can greatly improve the experience. Customers appreciate having one person to rely on for guidance, especially when it comes to understanding how furniture and other items will fit into their space.

By taking these insights into consideration, retailers can shape the future of retail for home and furnishing, creating a more personalized, knowledgeable, and satisfying shopping experience for their customers.

We are currently engaged in several initiatives focused on enhancing the voice of our home and furniture customers. These efforts aim to enable us to continually improve and adapt our solutions to address their genuine needs effectively.

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